Wednesday, January 2, 2008

What If?

Last night I called God on His private line. Normally I wouldn't use the private line. Afterall, it's reserved for emergencies right? But I needed some clarity. I needed an immediate uninterrupted conversation with my maker. "God", I said, "Why did you give me such a burden?" He replied with a question. "What do you mean? Explain yourself child." I said "Well, couldn't I have just been an ordinary person, living an ordinary existence? My dreams are so big! My thoughts keep me up at night! My creativity keeps my mind moving 100 miles per hour. I try to blend in with everyone else but it is to no avail. I am restless there. I would rather climb mountains in my dreams and build skyscrapers with my words. Some of my goals are larger than the oceans you created with your hands. Who do you think I am!? For Pete's sake, give me something normal to do!" Then it was as if the sky opened up for me. A light beamed into my room.......even though it was the middle of the night I could hear birds singing. Before I heard the words I knew the answer. I was selected to dream big! I was selected to build monuments and turn metal into gold! I was selected to do more and be more and see more! I am so grateful that I was selected! My dreams are more than just a notion. And what I once thought was a burden, I know now that it is a blessing. You see there would not be a Donald Trump or an Oprah Winfrey or a Maya Angelou if they had asked to be released from their blessings. I would not be able to express myself on this blog if Bill Gates had asked to be released from his blessings. What if the people I mentioned never did any of the things they said they were going to do. What if.........all they contributed to the world was.........LipService? What if?...................................

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