Thursday, January 3, 2008

Say Yes!!!

Just as a child does when they pucker their lips after requesting something from their parents, we anticipate a yes from our maker when we wish upon a star. We look into the far distance and ask can we go there? Can I become that person? Am I worthy of being that person? We ask our peers questions that usually start with "What do you think about this..............? or "Do you think I should do that...........?" We put forth the effort to be concerned with either answer when in actuality we just want them to say yes. Things that we have the ability to do or that are engraved in our very souls sometimes never manifest because we are waiting to hear that little word with a huge impact. YES. We set our inner alarm clocks to wake up earlier than usual so that we don't miss some sort of undeniable sign that means.......YES. In essence we cage OURSELVES only to ask SOMEONE ELSE to free us because we have deemed ourselves powerless. How do we get that power back? Simply by saying yes!!!

I met a dynamic woman packing a powerful punch. Saying YES at every turn, offering freedom to everyone she meets and wearing her own like flag, Cheri Najor says YES!!!! I had an opportunity to interview her. I listened not as an interviewer, but as a student. This is part of what she says:

Cheri: I was completely lost at 17, suffering from depression. I got a book that I devoured and it ignited my life. I believe that I am here on a divine assignment.

Felicia: So many people go through life without love, living a loveless existence.......we have to first love ourselves. Can you elaborate on some of those things for us.

Cheri: We are born knowing exactly how to get our needs met. As babies we don't beat ourselves up for falling. We stumble, we fall, people laugh, we get up. But then we become adults. I grew up in an environment where people did not support me. I developed very low self-esteem. I began to believe what others thought of me.

Felicia: When I met you I would have never thought that. You are a fireball! What was the turning point that allowed you to become this vibrant person that you are today? Knowing you today, no one would know that you suffered from low self-esteem.

Cheri: There were a number of things for me. The first turning point for me was when my boss fired me from a job that I hated. I remember crying as I packed out my office. I had black mascara running down my face. As people would come to comfort me I asked them to please not comfort me. I was so happy I could not contain myself! .............

As we continued this interview Cheir talked about another turning point for her. It was when she heard a story on the radio about a couple that had beat a child to death. She knew then that she wanted to help people. And she has been helping people every since. She is doing more than giving LipService!

Cheri Najor is a speaker, trainer, and coach. Visit Cheri at:

Click here to listen to the entire enlightening interview.

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