Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Live Full & Die Empty

A few years ago I emailed Les Brown, I told him how much I admired him and I had read his books and listened to his motivational messages. I also let him know that I was on my way to living my dreams and one day we would share a stage together. Fastforward to last weekend as I watched my mentor and now friend (yes, not only did I get a chance to meet him but also, be mentored and befriended by such a dynamic person). I watched as he entered the Grand Ballroom at Emerald Pointe Resort on Lake Lanier Islands. He commanded the stage like a gladiator, yet had the poise of a dancer. The crowd was mesmerized as he recounted childhood moments of love and loss, triumph and sadness. Everyone laughed as he told jokes that I had heard often during this journey with my mentor, but I also laughed loudly because for some reason what I heard sounded brand new. Three and a half days of intense training and presenting my mentor and friend entered the ring again and again, always ending victoriously. Everyday he conquered the room starting with light anecdotes as sweet as a waltz under a full moon and ending with powerful points as punctuated as the tango at dusk. And just when I thought he had given all he had to the audience, he wowed me even more. With energy to spare, he assembled our small group nightly and poured into us what he had left. Instructing us on how to be the best we can be as speakers, coaches, and future mentors. His goal was take our best and add his best. And the end result can get no better than that. As we ended on the last night and he walked away into the foggy Atlanta evening, I had a feeling that I often have in the presence of greatness. I was so greatful for the opportunity to become better everyday and help others to do the same. Choking back tears, I thought to myself, I know what he means now when he says "Live Full & Die Empty"...............From this day forward that is exactly what I will do.........................Live Full & Die Empty!

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