Sunday, January 6, 2008

It's A "Dunn" Deal!!!!

I need to run on a little further Lord. I'm not done. I want to move a little further towards my ultimate goal. I'm not done. Whenever I think I have topped anything that I have done previously, you push me further. So, I guess, I'm not done. I don't worry about where the energy will come from or the resources or the man-power. All I know is that I AM NOT DONE!!! As I sit on the subway train of my life moving from station to station at record speed I see those who never recognize their stop. The train just keeps moving and they never even look up to see where they are. For them it's a done deal. They are already as far as they are going to go and unless someone pushes them off the train they will never move. So as I sit here on this train I know that I have a few more stops to make. I need to get off here or there. There is work for me to do in those places. I may never be done.

Lucinda Dunn is a phenomenal woman I got the chance to interview is on that same train. Making stops, kicking butt and taking names. She is a mother, a sister and friend. She is an author and publisher of a nationally distributed news paper. She has a lot going on, so when you see her wearing one of her many hats, just know that it is anything but a "Dunn" Deal!

Here is a little of our interview:

Felicia: Tell us a little bit about who you are and what you have accomplished.

Lucinda: I am an author of a new ebook series called "Fueling Up". I started Dunn Deal Publishing a few years ago and I have a children's book coming out. I am also helping a lady here in the Carolinas write about her life as a slave interpreter. It's do out in April. I am also affiliated with a studio, SongEnergy studios. And of course the newspaper......

Felicia: It seems like you are living your purpose. So what exactly is that purpose for you?

Lucinda: I have found my purpose. Of all the titles, I am a mother. I want to leave a legacy for my son. I want him to see me doing what I am called to do. I am extremely satisfied with my life because my son sees his mother "going for it".

Felicia: You are building a life that he can see you building as he grows up and hopefully he will pass that on to his children.

Lucinda: Yes, I want him to see me doing it so that he can do what is fulfilling for him.

Felicia: What determined this is what you needed to do?

Lucinda: Just recently, I remembered how I used to badger my dad about being big. He used to tell me that one day I would want to be little again. His point was that if I lived life the way I was supposed to then I would live a life of no regrets and I would not want to turn back the hands of time. So that is why I started my publishing company. I didn't want to regret not doing it.

Felicia: Name two of the biggest challenges that you faced in fulfilling your destiny?

Lucinda: One was fear of failure and the other one was a fear of success. I knew I wasn't the type to go the way everyone else was going, but I am still human. I was afraid of people seeing me fail. ............I was also afraid of the demands that come along with success. When you are successful you are held accountable for everything that you do.

Felicia: How did you succeed in spite of those challenges? What did you put in place to counter act that?

Lucinda: It's a mindset. The main thing for me is that I tried. I want my son to be able to say "my mom tried".

Listen to the rest of my interview with Lucinda, because this is definitely not a "Dunn Deal". Lucinda gives advice to others who want to live their dreams. She wants people to get started today! She is giving more than LipService!

Contact Lucinda at: or 803-329-2945

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