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Have you tried something and quit before you saw any results? Have you discovered a talent within yourself but dismissed it? Have you looked into the jaws of success but were afraid to proceed? I can certainly say that I can identify with that. I started my event promotion company over 12 years ago as a graduate student. I had no fear because I felt I had nothing to lose. I was not necessarily trying to reach a goal, I was just doing what felt good and what felt natural. And I was so good at it! But when the bar was raised and when the expectations became higher and my livelyhood depended on my success, I folded. At the first sign of falling, not failure, but just merely falling, I ran. I ran to corporate America because it was safe. I need there was no threshold to cross in higher management. I could reach the peak and not be expected to do more. So as I interviewed Kim Watt, I could easily put my face into her story as she was telling it. I knew she was not alone in her line of thinking when she talked about sabotaging her success because we were operating the same way right around the same time and for about the same length of time! Check out our interview:

Felicia: Tell us some things about you that have made you the woman that you are today?

Kim: I am finally pursuing my speaking career. I read Les Brown's book when I was about 18 years old. I knew what I wanted to do and what I should have been doing it but I was afraid to go after it. And now I am living that dream.

Felicia: Give people a time span between the time you identified your gift and when you actually started doing it.

Kim: 15 years!! 15 years!!! I knew I had more in me but whenever I would get close to it I would sabotage myself.

Felicia: Wow. Give us an example of how you would do that. How would you sabotage your own future?

Kim: Any time things would go well for me, I would quit or run away. People who cared about me who tried to get close to me I would push them away. I didn't believe in myself. I lost faith in God, I lost faith in myself. I got really depressed. The birth of my daughter McKenna literally saved my life.

Felicia: So the turning point for you was around the time your first child was born. What was your thought process during that time?

Kim: Before the birth of my daughter I was so selfish. But having her made my whole life changed. I changed the way I thought, I changed the people around me. But that didn't happen over night. I found myself telling my daughter (when she got older), to never give up. No matter what happens, keep trying. And a light went off! I thought "who am I"?

Felicia: Since you have been on this journey, how have you been able to create a balance between being a wife, mother and entrepreneur?

Kim: It is extremely hard. But I want to better everyone else, I want to do a lot of things but I never wanted to lose focus on what life is all about. So I would say not to be driven by money. Think about those moments that are most important to you. You have to schedule yourself. You have to cut out time for your husband, your kids, yourself. There are moments that you cannot get back.

Felicia: You have to have your "dream" days.

Kim: Yes, you have to have time where you just get to yourself and maybe read or whatever. When you are out there trying to do everything for everyone else, sometimes it gets overwhelming and you want to throw in the towel. But life is worth the journey. You have to keep going.

You don't want to miss the rest of my interview with Kim Watt national and international motivational speaker. Click below to listen to the rest of our interview. Learn from her on how to keep that balance. She is doing more than giving LipService!!!!

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