Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Advice From Across The Pond

Getting started. Sometimes that is the hardest thing in the world to do. For some of us. There is so much talent out there but people don't believe that they can do it. So they never get started. Can you imagine some of the greats of our time and before never getting started? Would we be blessed with the art and music of these people? Would we be able to experience life as we know it. Everything we do and take advantage of is at our fingertips because someone got started. Hear what internet marketing guru Diane Coriette has to say about getting started.

Felicia: Tell our listeners your full name and what you do.

Diane: My name is Diane Coriette, and I'm in London, England. I run a business online called Women Internet Marketers. It's an alliance of three businesses that consist of a membership site an online social network and an online magazine. It helps beginners who want to start and internet business and to help those who are already online raise their profile.

Felicia: Walk us through the process of you deciding what you would like to do, and getting to the point of actually doing it? What was that like?

Diane: The birth of my daughter made me change the direction of my life and I decided that I wanted to work from home. I did not do very well in school early on but later in life I decided that I wanted to start learning again. I started teaching someone about how to use her computer and I realized I was good at teaching. At first I was annoyed and bitter about what I had missed out on in life. But now I realize that I did not miss out. I enjoy my life now the way that it is. The way it was designed to be.

Felicia: You said teaching people things and moving forward, but at some point they still hit a wall. What are some things that you have noticed that cause people to hit those walls? What are some of the things that keep people from realizing their dreams?

Diane: Fear. Usually people say "I am not good enough". And that stems from fear. Mindset is a big part of it. Self belief.

Felicia: What advice would you give them?

Diane: I always coach people to focus on the outcome. I help them bring back the feeling of a time when they were successful. Sometimes we just need to remember.

Felicia: People who want to start a business sometimes don't know where to start. In your opinion, what would be the beginning of that process?

Dianae: You have to know who you are going after? Is there a need for that particular business or product?

Felicia: They also have to believe that they can do it.

Diane: When I started my business it was all about mindset. But I don't want people to use that as another excuse to not get started. I believe you can still work on your mindset. If you are will to at least get started you can work on the rest.

You can hear the rest of this advice from across the pond by clicking below. Diane Coriette gives some amazing advice. She is certainly giving more than just LipService!

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